Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Which category are you?

Some people, are DARN BRILLIANT.
They are so brilliant that they don't have to study hard to pass with flying colours, neither do they concentrate in the class. Apparently, they are gifted.
Some people, WORK REAL HARD.
Since they have worked so hard ro achieve what they are striving for, so God decided to give them what they deserve to get. Mind you, they work 1000 times harder than anybody else. SALUTE!! They truly believe only in themselves. It's 80% work and 20% luck.
Some people, WORK REAL HARD TOO.
They work just as hard as the people in Category 2, or even harder than them. Sadly, they don't usually get to achieve what they want. They are not blessed.
If you're in Category 1, Congrats. For those who are in Category 2, Congrats too, because everything that you have always wished for, could be yours, would be yours and should be yours. However, whoever that is in Category 3, please don't give up. I believe hard work does pay off one day and luck will be by your side.
For my case, if I was given more time, would I get a better one?

Stop it, Inferiority!!

I'm weak...............
I'm vulnerable......
I'm fragile.............
No words can describe better. A person by the name of Inferiority, i beg you now to go away and please stop bugging me!! In fact, I'm learning, learning so hard to not to feel that way, learning so hard to not to be conquered but to no avail. Confidence, please come back!! I need you to be with me.. =( And people, please, I need all of your blessings.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Do not take things for granted!!

I hate people that take things for granted. You give, they take. It's like you're obliged to give them and they will just take it without appreciating it. I do not know how long more I can stand that kind of bloody attitude.

To be more precise, i hate her!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


How would you feel when people are just so refused to talk(walk) to(with) you as if you are a monster? Do I look like I have big fat claws and long sharp teeth that people are so afraid to talk to me, as if I'm an extinct dinosaur found in a city, which is ready to attack at any time? How would you feel when someone that you know so well suddenly go offline when you're up on msn. Shit. I'm dumbfounded.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Do we leave our manners at home when we hit the road?

Driving, then and now is always so different that we have always forgotten the rules that is set to be obeyed. It was so coincident that one day, i got to read this piece of article from the newspaper and it came out to be so true.. Thanks to the author. =)
" We always say rules are made to be broken. Broken they must be, but they must be made first. We see list of rules at swimming pools, gyms, schools, parking lots; there are also the unwritten rules in the office.
There are the big rules that govern the country to keep peace and security. And, of course, there are the traffic rules; here I wish to vent my feelings.
Remember the good old days-if you are of the same vintage as me-when we went behind the wheels of a Morris Minor to take our driving lessons?
You don't see these old faithfuls on the city roads anymore because they have long been put to pasture. But in my day, they were crawling all over Kuala Lumpur and other cities in the country.
One of the most important things we learnt from our stern instructors was to use the hand signals-every time you wanted to turn to the left, you had to stretch your right hand out os the window and make several circular movements to indicate your intention. And when you wanted to turn to the right, you just stretched out your hand. Of course, you also needed to wave your hand up and down to indicate that you were slowing down to a stop.
The cars had no air-conditioning and the windows had to be wound down to keep the cars ventilated. It also made it possible for us to do the hand signals when required. Besides, cars in those days were not equipped with signal lights, so all drivers had to obey the traffic rules on hand signals.
Now, let's consider the modern-day driving on the highways of Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, where traffic congestion is the norm and road courtesy is virtually non-existent.How do you survive today's horrendous traffic conditions when thousands of cars pack the roads fighting for space to get ahead?
Rule No1: Just forget about turn signal lights, period. Why? Because nobody would bother to acknowledge those signals. Even with the indicator light on, cars zoom past as if to deliberately block us from turning. Seldom do we see people slowing down to allow you to turn, whether to the left or to the right. It is all about being kiasu: why should we slow down, why should let you get ahead?
Rule No2: Forget about overtaking only from the right. Nowadays, cars-and motorcycles-overtake from all sides as long as there is space to squeeze through. So, while you are on teh road, you need two big side mirrors to see clearly where the lorries, cars or bikes are coming from. And they don't give warning, either.
A horn is only useful when the space is too narrow to squeeze through. In that case, they will honk their horn to startle you. Rude? Politeness does not exist and was never taught by the instructor, I supposed.
It's frightening to drive in Kuala Lumpur, especially if you come from another city or town-or have just returned from a country where driving is certainlymore orderly. But soon you learn to be one of them to survive. A Malaysian diplomat who returned from New Zealand once confessed to me that she did all the wrong things taht Malaysian drivers did on the road in New Zealand.
"It's a matter of, if you can't fight them, join them," she said as a matter of fact.
After I returned from Beijing, it took me a while to catch up. But I'm doing well, squeezing in and out of queues. Activating the turn signals is optional. Giving way is dependent on how big and formidable your car looks.
I don't even bother about the Mat Rempit. They can do whatever they want with their machines and their lives.
I'm mean and self-centered. To all the road users who happen to share the same road and have been inconvenienced by my driving, my apologies."

I personally SO agree with his point of view. On top of all of that, Malaysian drivers are just so creative. They can create an extra parking lot even though there is none. Now you see how the behaviours of the drivers vary when they are on the road. Ever wondered whether you are one of them?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Exams + Assignments

Coming to Week 7, just a few days before the mid-term break starts, let me just summarise what I have done through out this 2 months plus. Basically, I was busy meeting with people from different companies and professional bodies ever since I joined CAC. I've gained a lot of experiences, especially in socializing, though someone made me sound like AND look like as if i'm dumb and useless. Even if I am, please don't make me feel like this la wei!! In the mid of the sem, students of MMU will start preparing for their mid-term exams, be it either before the mid-term break or after the mid-term break. Well, not forgetting also about the assignments. Assignment is something which will be sticking with us until the end of the sem. Fortunately, I'm only taking 5 subjects this sem, ranging from:
1) Corporate Accounting
2) Advanced Auditing
3) Taxation 2
4) Human Resource Management
5)Accounitng Information System 2
Definitely, I'll have different assignments and different exams for different subjects. Status for each of the subject will be like this:
1) Corporate Accounting
- Assignment: Beginning stage.
- Mid-term: 12th week. OMG!! Actually, it's good also la, in a way that we can one shot revise for the final exam, don't have to do two-timed-job. The lecturer keeps saying that it is a hard-working subject, and I don't really understand any single thing until today.. Cash in transit?? What's that??
2) Advanced Auditing
- Assignment: Done. Hooray!! The lecturer commented that the information that we delivered was qualitative. Hopefully, it was a good presentation. =) Somehow, it motivates me to work real hard for what I've always wished for. Everything that I've always wished for, could be mine, would be mine, and should be mine.
- Mid-term: 19th Aug. It's after the break, which means that I can't enjoy during my holiday.. =(
3) Taxation 2
- Asignment: Acknowledgement stage. I just found it out on MMLS. Haven't even formed a group la..
- Mid-term: 16th Aug. Another exam after the break. People, I can't imagine how miserable my holidays will be..
4) Human Resource Management
- Assignment: Accomplished 1 presentation on Week5 and another one is still pending. Feedback from the lecturer was that we had the presentation skills, presentation was not excellent, it was not fantastic, but it was good(ok la, at least not bad =p). However she was not satisfied with our answer. Guys, I hope we will do better on Week10.
- Mid-term: Question Mark ?? I don't remember him mentioning anything about exams!!
5) Accounting Information System 2
- Assignment: INESCAPABLE!! I guess it'll only be given after the break.
- Mid-term: TOMORROW!! Best of luck to me..

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Minor Accident

Never thought that it would happen, for the very first time. Fortunately, they were with me, to boost up my courage. Credits to you guys. =)
There were 8 cars heading towards the same direction and destination when we could actually car pool and help reducing the air pollution, but we were just not so aware of the environmental issues and so, we started off from Cyberjaya. I was the second last. Come on la, mine is just KENARI wei, what you expect? It was so dark all the way.. Fire was raging inside them, they couldn't wait for even a second. Pressing hard on the accelerator, they were speeding on the high way, abandoning me.. I was far left behind. I couldn't see them as the street lights were just for decoration purpose. I took a turning and that was where I lost track. However, I still managed to find my own way and finally reached there on the same time as they were. Thinking that Sek Lee is having the birthday party at the shop, I stopped my car in front of it. Got down from the car to make sure that I did not get it wrong but they said that I had to park my car somewhere else and walked because cars have occupied the street and we couldn't enter. So, ok la.. I wanted to park it nicely ma.. I didn't know that there was a hole covered with just a plank and SO the front tyres went inside.. Luckily it was just the front tyres.. Apparently, whan you encountered with this kind of situation, you need to change the gear to R and so gear R I changed.. I SWEAR!!! I really didn't see the car behind mine.. Hence, it kissed the car. Holy Shit!! First time ever in my life.. A little bit of comfort was that they were there to accompany me.. At least they were there to settle things with me just in case anything happened. Wan Chian was shivering.. I was totally blank, hoping that there would be no arguments.. It was just a minor accident anyway and I was lucky enough though. The lady just settled with me without asking even a cent. She advised me to be careful the next time I drive. She could even tell me to calm down as I looked seriously terrified.. Lucky me!! =) I feel sorry to that lady because she was too bad luck to have met me that day. Lesson learned: Look at the mirrors before reversing. Anyway, since Sek Lee celebrated her birthday few days in advance, wishing her a very superb 21st birthday!! I shall never forget this trip to Semenyih.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

To: both of YOU

Things have been in a mess for me lately.. It can just go wrong without showing any signals.. If anyone of you just happen to read this and yea, you're right, I'm just not so fine.. =( All else being equal, things start when message is misunderstood and here comes the conflict when there is misinterpretation.. If I could ever read people's mind, well I think there is a low possibility that it will turn out to be this way. Nobody wants it anyway. For words that I've said, I regret. I was too stubborn to express how I feel, I was too stone-hearted to tell but you didn't say a single word, you were just going the way that I wish when you know that I have nobody else. Why? Can anyone please tell me why is it so? You don't know the meaning of a friend.. Do you? Why don't you just say something to hold back this friendship? You just don't bother about it anymore.. Ain't I right? For people who present in my life, I'm thankful that I have all of you.. For those that I've lost, sorry that I can't have you back.
To YOU, until today, I'm still figuring out the reasons why? Receving a letter from you and telling me to put a fullstop on our friendship is really puzzling me. It's still fresh and being embedded in my mind. You told me that I'll be your best friend forever, but HELLO!! Let's face fact, people change as time elapses.. Will you ever thought of sharing with me your problems anymore?? Will you bother to do that on the other way round?? Thanks for letting me to feel that I was appreciated and loved as a friend but it'll no longer be the same now. I'm like a stranger to you and you even took few minutes to recognise me when you just so coincidently bumped into me in the shopping mall.. I was frustrated but couldn't help. Knowing that you're leading your life great in UK, I wish you all the best!!
To another YOU, you've been such a good friend to me and you have taught me so many things which I think if I never met you, I wouldn't be the way I am now. Thanks for teaching me all kind of stuffs but sadly it was just a one-way interaction as I'm not a knowledgeable person as you are. Once again, thanks for making me feel like I'm being surrounded by happiness. You were there when you're needed the most, you were there to share with me moments of laughter. I could not complain more. You said I'm your best friend and I'm sensitive with the title of BEST FRIEND. I'd expect a better treatment when I'm being called in such a way. Promises broke even it was written black and white, what's more when it's just a verbal promise? Who cares? I CARE!!! I just can't afford to lose any of them!!! Never thought that you'll nod your head, agreeing to it.. Can I pull my words back?? If you feel that I'm intruding your life way too much, well, I may as well just put my step back. Correct me if I'm wrong, prove to me that I'm not right, plead me guilty.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pros and Cons of Technologies

The advancement of technologies nowadays, undeniably, benefit most of the human, if not all. However, it may be harmful if people are not going to use it wisely. Take an example, the webcam. With the use of webcam, we can now even communicate with people not only our own family but also our friends and even strangers. We can see their faces even if we are few thousands miles away. We can talk to them despite the distance that separate us. It is awesome I'd say. Thanks to the people who have invented the webcam. Well, I have to agree of its usefulness while on the other hand, some of the people may have abused of its usefulness. Talking about this, it is SHAMEFUL to tell that I encountered with a bloody perverted MANIAC last night. This freak showed me something which is a sore to my eye, causing my eyes to lost their virginity. Credits to the smart ass who have invented the webcam as well. He could even ask me to give comment of his ****. Needless to say, I guess you people would know what I mean. What the heck!? That fella better stop harassing me!! This is not the first time anyway. The first time was in the car park area, another maniac. I was freaking scared and ran like nobody else. Till then, I am always afraid of going to the car park alone as it has a HUGE impact on me. I pray that Lord will guard me by the side. And again, with the advancement of technologies, why don't the management make use of it, especially on the hidden places like this?? Prevention is always better than cure. Save the residents, especially women, before it is too late!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ms. President

The very first meeting that she has conducted was not so successful I'd say.. It was not about the committee members but it was about the PRESIDENT.. There is another person whom I think is so much worth of getting that postion but how come she is the one getting it? Does she deserve that? She wasn't active at all in the club, yet she was the one who got the highest post out of all.. She doesn't have any experience in handling this kind of stuffs.. She is committed, well, maybe.. However, commitment isn't enough when the lacking of experience outweighs it all.. This is so true!! We have to gain experience, we need to explore, we got to discover.. She has none of them, how in the earth that she is elected? I have really no idea.. She is not even well conversed in English.. She was like " Err, Ahh, Oo.." during the meeting, she is so indecisive.. It is SO unbelievable because everything just popped up SO unexpectedly.. There were faces which were not so satisfied with her.. Will the other committee members give her the full support? Will they give her the full cooperation? I wonder.. She needs a really good people to guide her but credits to the person who has given her so many ideas of what to talk about in the meeting, taught her so many things in every aspects.. People as good as this why just can't be elected as the president? I'm puzzled.. Hopefully she can bring the club towards a better reputation in which everyone in the campus knows the existence of the club and SHE BETTER BE ONE!!